Partners Make it All Possible


 OC Women2Women works with select charitable organizations and professionals to enrich the lives of under privileged women by achieving the dignity of work, self-sufficiency, and restoring self esteem.  

Our partners fall into two categories: those who contribute to our effort to make a difference, and designated non-profits OC Women2Women supports to further humanitarian endeavors. 



Mariposa - Specializing in Women's issues, family-centered

"Thank you for your generous support of the Mariposa Women and Family Center with your gift of the mobile wheelchair lift & the computer monitors. This donation will help us provide much needed support for local women and families struggling with trauma, domestic violence, substance abuse and so much more."

"For over 40 years Mariposa has been a unique resource for women and families in Orange

County. The most vulnerable members of our community turn to us for help and we provide the services they need to bring stability to their lives."

Dr. Krista Driver   •  President/CEO   •  Mariposa


Colette's Children's Home

"On behalf of the homeless women and children we serve, Colette’s Children’s Home would like to express our gratitude to OC Women2Women and Karen Butera for their compassion and generosity."  

"Without the caring concern of groups like OC Women 2Women, Colette’s Children’s Home would be unable to provide the much needed support and services to homeless women and children throughout Orange County. Our ultimate goal for each client is to achieve self-sufficiency and obtain their own stable permanent housing. We look forward to continuing to partner with OCW2W  to make a difference in the lives of the homeless women and children we serve."  

William O’Connell Executive Director   •  Colette’s Children’s Home





Dear Karen and the wonderful ladies of OC Women2Women;

Here at WISEPlace we are so grateful for your dedication and kind contributions to help us be part of the solution for unaccompanied women experiencing homelessness. This is a population that is severely under-served and overlooked nationally and locally. 

Elizabeth Hendershot   •  Development Manager   •


Working Wardrobes

 "Our partnership with OC Women 2 Women is one of the most remarkable ones that Working Wardrobes has developed in many years.   Karen and her members have embraced our mission of helping empower those in need to overcome barriers and create career success.  

This commanding powerful group of women understand the value of partnership on all levels, from fundraising to clothing drives and everything in between!  We are very proud to partner with OC Women 2 Women and count the members as friends, donors, volunteers and wonderful supporters.

What might be fabric and thread to you is actually the first step on the road to self-

sufficiency for our clients. For that, we are truly thankful."

 Jerri Rosen CEO/Founder  •  Working Wardrobes Career Center ​  




Veteran's Legal Institute

 "OC Women2Women has been an integral component to the service and empowerment of female veterans in  Orange County through their dedication and support of Veterans Legal Institute (VLI). In 2017 alone, VLI opened 275 individual cases for women veterans, due to finding from OC Women2Women, which helped us maintain proper female attorney staffing."

"OC Women2Women ensured the female voice I heard, leaving no women behind, by providing empowerment and educational services to mothers, sisters, daughters, warriors."

Antoinette Balta, Esq., LLM   •  President and Co-Founder   •  Veterans Legal Institute​

Karen Butera, President of OC Women 2Women, received the VLI Community Partner of the Year award at the September 2018 VLI  American Patriots Ball. Read more HERE...


HOPE International

 We are deeply grateful for OCWomen2Women! "HOPE International thanks the women of OC Women2Women for their generous financial support over the last 4 years! " 

"You have made it possible for HOPE to serve women in 15 of the most under-served countries around the world, where poverty is crushing and financial services extremely limited. Because of your generosity, over 2,700 entrepreneurs, have started or expanded their businesses. HOPE International looks forward to a continuing partnership with OC Women2Women, and reaching more women and children who need the services HOPE provides through the local church, HOPE partnerships and ownership of Institutions around the globe."

Holly Wylie • Regional Representative • HOPE International